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Option A. You are in trouble. Maybe you were walking down the street minding your own business and some asshole slammed you against a wall to try to mug you.

Maybe you're about to fall of a bridge.

Maybe you fell into the ocean and can't swim.

Option B. You were minding your own business when someone flew into a car out of nowhere. And the car is a total loss but the person who flew into it is getting up.

Option C. You are being approached by a 16 year old holding a picture.

Option D. Your choice.
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Batman. Like the flying things? How do you not know who Batman is?
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Metas? Nothing. [shrug] But Gotham's ours to protect. Superman has Metropolis, the Flashes have Central, the Arrows have Star.
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Not constellations, no.
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They're superheroes.